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  1. Hi Jinal! I like that you added your own twist to the "Wizard of Oz" story and made it relevant to Rama and Bharata's story. I didn't think of that when I read the Ramayana and it made sense that would make the connection since it deals with colorful shoes that represent "home" for each character! Super creative idea! I also like that you showed more of Rama's heartbreak and sadness over his banishment. In the story, we only see things on the surface levels as Rama tries to look noble and brave in front of his brothers. However, in your story, we can see some of his fear and uncertainty. I also like that you give Rama's character a purpose too. He is determined to return home at one point and be the fearless leader that they need. It falls in line with what we know about Rama's character in the Ramayana, so good job with the consistent characterization. Good luck with your portfolio!

  2. Hi Jinal!
    What a cool idea to blend the Ramayana and the Wizard of Oz! The way you incorporated the gold sandals into the meeting with the Oz was so smart. I also think you did a great job of incorporating a lot of elements from both stories. I was kind of confused by the ending though. I was confused about why Dorothy clicked her heels and wished on a star for a new place to stay in the city. If the shoes had the power to send them home or do anything good, then why did she need to wish on a star? I also think it would be a good idea to talk more about why Dorothy chooses to stay in Oz. What does she feel she needs to do in Oz? What does she plan to do with the power and authority she has acquired? Good luck with the rest of your portfolio!


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