Reading Notes Part B

The King's White Elephant
carpenters lived on a river bank near a forestthey noticed a wounded elephantthey tended to the elephant, and he was so grateful that he helped the carpenters with their workhe would bring them tree trunks, fetch their tools. move logs into the river etcas the elephant grew older, he started bringing his son with him to show him the ways of the workone day the king spotted the beautiful white elephantthe king paid the carpenters a lot of money to keep the white elephant for his own

Reading Notes Part A

How the Turtle Saved His Own Life

A king built a lake in his backyard for his songs to swim and play inthe boys swam and sailed their boats in itthe king then asked some of his workers to put some fishes into the lakethe sons ran to the lake to see these new additions and they noticed something they had never seen before, a turtle they saw it and thought it was a demon so they got scaredthey ran back to the their father and the king ordered for the turtle to be killed when the workers caught the turtle and brought it back to the house, the boys ran away from it and cried the king, very empathetic of his sons, demanded that the turtle be killed the workers thought of many ways to kill it pound it to power, back it in hot coals, or throw it into the lake the workers agreed to throw the turtle into the lake where it will be smashed to pieces by the rocksthe turtle hearing all this talk, thrusted his head out of the shell he demanded to know why they would do such a thing when the turtle h…


Things I am grateful for during this quarantine:

That myself, my family and friends are all healthyThat my family still has an income during these times that I have am able to spend more time with my family That this outbreak happened during beautiful weather to be outside in that we are still able to go outside for walks that I am fortunate enough to have sufficient technology so that I do not have to worry about school work we were still able to go on a road trip during spring break

Things I am sad about during this quarantine: that my first year at OU was cut shortthat I am not able to live in my apartment that I cannot see my friends everydaythat I cannot see my boyfriend everydaythat I am not able to see my professors or classmates everyday no spring game or partiesno going out with friends for drinks

Reading Notes Part A

The Hare that Ran Away 

Buddha was reincarnated as a Lion in order to help his fellow animal friends There was a rabbit who lived in the forest who was afraid of everything one day she heard a slight noise that was unfamiliar to herit was a fruit falling of a tree but she jumped to the conclusion that the Earth was falling inThe rabbit took off in a full spring thought the forest yelling that the sky is falling he first passed a group of his fellow rabbits then deer began to slide up, as well as sheep and boar and buffalo and camels and tigers, then finally elephants Enough animals have heard and believed this that Lion surely had to involve himself the lion asked the elephant who told him and he said the lion. each animal went along in a line and repeated who told them of this idea finally the lion got to the rabbit, and the rabbit admitted that he saw proofthe Lion took the rabbit to the spot of the noise The lion showed the rabbit where he was mistaken and proved that it was just a …

Storytelling: The Twins

Once upon a time there lived two twin girls who lived in an attic of a beautiful mansion. They were the servant girls of a horrific woman and her three daughters. The two twin girls lost their family long ago to a car accident and found themselves with no place to live and no money. The girls, Sarah and Tara, accepted jobs as maids in order to support themselves and gain a place to live. Their boss made them do ridiculous tasks just because she had to the right to. She had a tight leash on them because she knew that they had very little money and would not survive on their own.  One day when Tara and Sarah were cleaning the homeowner’s closet, they came across something quite peculiar. Tucked away in a corner, was a plethora of gold bars. The girls had never laid their eyes on anything as precious and valuable as this. They were overcome with mixed emotions as they pondered what to do. Sarah thought they should leave it alone as the mother might notice they were gone, but Tara sugges…

Reading Notes Part A

The Golden Goose 

there was goose who had golden feathershe lived near a mother and a daughter who were very poorhe thought to himself that once and while he would give them one of his feathers to sell and they would be able to live comfortablytime went on and the mother and daughter did indeed sell the feathers and live comfortablythe mother feared that one day the goose would never return and they would go back to living poorlyso the mother devised a plan to pluck all the goose's feathers the next time he camethe next time the goose came, the mother held him down and pulled out every one of his featherslittle did she know, if the feathers are plucked out against the goose's wishes, they turn white and no longer carry a monetary value as time went on, the goose grew more feathers but never returned again



I deserve,
I earn,
I get.

I based this six word story on the Jataka Tale, "Granny's Blackie". The elephant was cheated out of money when he did the work he was promised money for. Luckily, he was a smart elephant who knew what he deserved, and he stood up for himself made sure he got what he had earned.

Two Sentence Story

"Look team, if we work together we will succeed. The day we fall apart, is the day we are destroyed as one."

I based this two sentence story on the Jataka tale, "The Quarrel of the Quails". In order to prolong their capturing and eventual death, the quails had to work together to defeat the man. They were successful the first time, but once they started to divide up in a quarrel, they were defeated as a unit. The quarrels got captured because they could not work together anymore.