Storybook: The Deathly Hallows

There were once a family of three brothers who were walking along a road very late at night. The brothers soon grew to be parched, so they went to find a nearby source of water. Once they found a river nearby, they hurried towards it. They were so thankful to find this river because they thought that they might die of thirst. As they draw closer and closer to drinking the water, a shadow appears in the sky. They soon come to learn that this shadow is in fact, the shadow of death. Death told the three brothers that before they could drink the water, they were entitled to a wish.              The oldest brother requested a wand that was struck with magic. An object that was more powerful than any weapon. Death goes to a nearby tree and makes a wand from the branch. He strikes it with magic and gifts it to the elder brother. The second brother asks for the power to bring back loved ones from the dead. Death goes into the river and brings him a stone. This stone had that abili…

Reading Notes: Mahabharata Part D

The Forest and its Ghosts

years had passed and a day came when Yudhishthira and his brother and their wife Draupadi adventured to the homage of their elders they found they all their to save Vidura who had departed to a sacred place on the banks of the Ganges River to wait for Yama, the god of deathMany people went to find Vidura but when they came to him, he was aged and starved they all waited beside him while died and mourned tougher the great sage Vyasa then appeared and said to the people that if they should bathe in the river at sunset, their dead loved ones will appear throughout the night as the sun went down, they chanted mantras and went into the river the waters began to heave and foam, and Vyasa spoke holy words and calling out the names of the deadall the heroes who had been slain appeared one by one drums and trumpets were sounded and it looked as if the armies of the Pandavas and Kauravas were once again ready for battle the ghosts crossed the river and were welcomed by …

Reading Notes: Mahabharata Part C

Riddles at the Lake

While still in exile, the Pandava brothers thought to leave the forestbefore they could leave, a strange adventure awaited them one of them climbed a banyan tree to look for waterthey found a pond nearby and Yudhishthira sent Nakula towards itNakula went and a voice said to him that he should answer some questions and if he does not he should not drink the waterNakula was so thirsty and afraid he drank the water anywaysNakula died instantly Sahadeva followed him and was confused why his brother had died, he also did the same thing and fell deadArjuna and Bhima repeated the same Yudhishthira was next to approach the pondhe was smart and responded to the voice, agreeing to answer his questions Yudhishthira got all the questions right and the voice revealed himself in the form of Dharma: god of wisdom and justice Dharma granted Yudhishthira two boons he wished for his brothers to be restored to life and that they should have power to remain unrecognizable by anyone in …

Biography- The Best Day

Yesterday as I was having breakfast with a friend in town, and unexpected surprise happened. We were there for an hour, catching up on each other lives, not paying attention to what was happening in our surroundings. As we patiently waited for our waitress to bring the check, she came empty-handed. She told us that the man next to us paid for both of our meals. As we sat there speechless, we tried looking at the table next to us just to see that he was gone. We never thought anything of the man sitting there, alone and reading a book. We never thought anything to when he got up from his table and told us to have a good day when he left. We never got the chance to say thank you, so to him and everyone else who takes the time out of their day to perform a random act of kindness: thank you. We are so grateful to you and the little things make our day immediately better. Leaving the restaurant, I felt bad. I felt bad because there are so many opportunities in a day for us to do good for o…

Reading Notes: Mahabharata Part B

The Gambling Match

Duryohdhana was in a jealous rage when he saw others being praised for the trump of the PandavasSo he set up a gambling match to prove he is also worthy of praisehe went before his father and asked if they could invite the Pandavas - Yudhishthira the Pandavas agreed despite not knowing how to play and knowing the game may be played unfairlyD practiced with his uncle, a renown gambler, to ensure that he wins when the gambling match started, Duryohdhana asked his uncle to play and they both conspired to play together- one would roll the dice and one would place betsbecause their team was unstoppable, Yudhishthira lost everythingeven after lost all of his possessions, money jewelry, chariot, cattle, elephants, slaves, slave girls etc., he bet in Draupadi Y lost yet again and Draupadi was handed over the Duyrohdhana as a slave
Birth of Draupadi  When Drupada lost half of his kingdom, he sought to do whatever to grant him a sonthey held a sacrificial ritea son, dressed in f…

Reading Notes: Mahabharatha

King Shantanu and Ganga

King Shantanu was wedded to the goddess Ganga Ganga consented to be the human mother to the Vasus and cast them into the Ganges as soon as they were born so they could return to their celestial state Ganga made each of them promise an eighth of their power onto her son who would live to stay humanthe goddess gave birth to the first son and casted him into the Ganges, the king was horrified this continued seven timesfinally the king was disgusted by his mouth and broke his vow she eventually came back to bring the king their one son named Devavrata 
Vyasa and Ganesha the king Chedi, uparichara, scared other gods into thinking he was going to steal their powerthe gods sent Indra to bribe him with a flying car he was flying one day and his semen fell into a rivera female fish swallowed the sementen months passthe female fish was caught by a fisherman and two children came out alsothe fisherman tells the king the king takes the boy but leaves the girl to be raised by …

Storybook: Taken

I was walking down the path in the park and suddenly saw the most angelic girl I have ever seen. She was the kind of girl you imagine halos on, an opera singing behind, and floating above ground. I was not sure how to approach her as I had been love struck. I walk up beside her and for the life of me could not produce any words or sound. This angel took pity on me and began to speak. 
“Well hello there. Here you poor thing, let me give you some food and water.”
I just could not handle myself. When I set my mind to want something or someone, I set out to achieve it. So, I demand this girl to marry me. Within seconds, the angel I once thought I knew turned a bright tomato red mimicking the devil. She scolded me with no remorse. She strikes me across the face as she told me she was betrothed to another man. 
This angered me. This infuriated me. No one should dismiss me like this, for I am the best man in all the land. This girl was going to regret every shutting me down. I grab her arm …